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Log each VPN connection


I use a PIX 6.3 with an IPSEC VPN. I would like to log connection/disconnection of each user. The PIX logs automaticaly each connection but not disconnection.

Do you know how to add these alarms ?

Thanks a lot for each idea.

Cisco Employee

Re: Log each VPN connection

Actual VPN Accounting only came into the PIX in th erecently released v7.0 code. What you're probably logging at the moment is not the start of th eVPN connection, but the start of any TCP/UDP connection made over that VPN, this is just standard cut-through proxy accounting that the PIX has always done.

If you actually want to log when someone starts a VPN tunnel and then disconnects it, you need to run v7.0. The config will change significantly from yor v6.x config (it will be automatically changed during the upgrade), and then you want to check out the following command section:


The tunnel-group is the new config for VPN's, and as I said it will automatically be generated during the upgrade process. You then add an "accounting-server-group" under that tunnel-group and that'll start accounting for any VPN connection within that group.

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