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Logged in VPN can't access DMZ from internal

Hello my name is Jason logged in under my bosses account.

What I got is a 5505 ASA firewall and I'm connected to it via VPN.  I'm pulling an 192.168.169.x address because that's what we set their company's internet LAN to.  Which is what we want.  What I can't do while I'm VPN'd in is ping from the internet network to the DMZ, and the same when I try and ping from the DMZ to the internal network.

The DMZ is on a 196.0.0.x network

The internet network is 192.168.169.x network.

I don't need them to have internet access on the DMZ I just want to be able to access it from the internal network.  What is going on is we need them to be able to VPN into the DMZ and access their equipment.  At this point it would just make me happy to be able to ping from the internal network to the DMZ and I can figure it out from there I've setup rules and applied them and when I wasn't having success I referred back to defaults.  Right now the rules are set at default, any thing in and anything out, on both internal and DMZ.  I'm using a VPN client and going through Cisco ASDM Launcher to setup the rules and static routes, I haven't done anything with the command line.  All the research I've done everyone does it command line, I find it easier to do it GUI.  I have spent my whole day looking and I finally decided to put up a post and see if I can get any support.  Please respond as soon as possible.  This is my first time working with an ASA firewall.

Thank you,



Re: Logged in VPN can't access DMZ from internal

Hi Jason,

I think your description is kind of confusing, please clarify the following:

Is the 192.168.169.x network, the VPN pool?

Do you need to access the DMZ from the VPN clients, who come over from the Internet (outside interface)?


New Member

Re: Logged in VPN can't access DMZ from internal

192.168.169.x is their internal lan ip address.  When I login with the VPN client I get a 192.168.169.x address.  That address is coming from the ASA firewall in place.  I need to be able to get that network to talk to 196.0.0.x network which is our DMZ. 

You are correct too by the way.  I do need to be able to access the DMZ via VPN, in which the clients are coming from the outside world.

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