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Logging limitations ?

I don't understand why I cannot obtain a limitation of the number of log I have from some acl :

This the ACL that drop the udp packet on the windows ports:

access-list permission-depuis-etab extended deny udp any any object-group windows-port log debugging


Syslog logging: enabled

Facility: 20

Timestamp logging: disabled

Standby logging: disabled

Deny Conn when Queue Full: disabled

Console logging: disabled

Monitor logging: level errors, 3455924 messages logged

Buffer logging: level errors, 3455924 messages logged

Trap logging: level warnings, facility 20, 15372795 messages logged

Logging to inside my-host-syslog

History logging: level errors, 3455924 messages logged

Device ID: disabled

Mail logging: disabled

ASDM logging: disabled

Since my trap logging is at the warnings level, I believed that the messages produced by this acl will not be sent to the server syslog.

However, on my-host-syslog, I still have :

Mar 27 11:09:05 pix-ii-iii %PIX-4-106023: Deny udp src region: dst niveauIII: by access-group "permission-depuis-region" [0xc505f329, 0xc834d44a]

All of this is on a pix 515 ver 7.1

Somebody has an idea ?

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