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Login and performance issues with AD and Cisco VPN software

We are having a slow login issue with Windows XP machines into an AD environment. It is "mainly" laptops with a specific chipset in them. But it is slowly spreading to other laptops as well. The problem occurs after Cisco VPN software is installed. I have tried 3 different versions of the vpn software and they all have the same issue. The machines will get to the login screen fine, but once you try and login they will hang at every step of the login process(loading personal settings, applying personal settings, running login scripts, etc). Once we uninstall the vpn software, the machines return to normal. Also the computers will run horrendously slow for everything until the VPN software is removed. Examples, click on start button, 30-90 seconds later, the start menu appears. Checking in Task Manager shows nothing consuming resources and no network activity. Computers have been scanned for viruses and spyware/adware/malware.

Unplugging the network cable during the hang will allow the login process to continue.

Had you ever seen something like that?


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Re: Login and performance issues with AD and Cisco VPN software

Hi, there

I solved that, the tcp port 88(kerberos) was not included in some acl. It causes the slow process.

Have a nice day and keep good work in forum.

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