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Loopback to the internal LAN

Hello all,

I have a web based application that resides on one of our servers, inside our LAN. This server has a private IP address that is mapped to a public IP address so our users can access it from outside as well. I opened the appropriate port for this on the firewall. The DNS entry for this server's inside and outside is the same. However, as part of the searching of this application I need to be able to go outside of our LAN (no problem with it) and be able to access the server with its public IP address from inside the LAN. What do I have to do with our firewall so I can accomplish such a thing?

Thanks in advance,

Hossein Kholghi


Re: Loopback to the internal LAN

Re: Loopback to the internal LAN

Hossein, are you all set with this, were you able to connect to the inside server's public ip from inside hosts?

New Member

Re: Loopback to the internal LAN

We use a 506e PIX with the IOS ver. 6.2. Can I use your instructions with this version or I have to upgrade to 7.2 first?

Thanks for the info.

Hossein Kholghi

Re: Loopback to the internal LAN

Hossein, hairpining is a feature introduce in code 7.0, what you are trying to do would suit this feature, you would have to upgrade to 7.x but 506e does not supports 7.x code, only up to 6.3(5).



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