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Meraki Site-to-Site VPN to Windows Server 2008 RRAS

Trying to experiment with implementing a site-to-site VPN connection from my Meraki network (Network A) to a Windows Server 2008 RRAS Server in another location (Network B).

So far, I can add a persistant network connection in my RRAS to connect to my Meraki using the Client VPN settings on the meraki. But that only gets me into the Meraki side. This would work if I only needed one way communication into the network.  I really cannot get anything to work from the Meraki side back to the RRAS side.

So, instead of the Client VPN option on the Meraki, I really want to get the Site-to-Site VPN option to work. However, I do not know how to set up my Windows Server with RRAS to accept those IPSec connections from the Meraki, have it appear in RRAS, and then be able to route to the rest of my remote network.

Can someone point me the way? The Meraki documentation made it look easy to connect to a Cisco router... but I can't find anything that will let me connect my Meraki over to a Windows RRAS server and route from there.

Any concise help would be appreciated. There is really no documentation at all.

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