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Meraki Z1 Devices on standard home internet line with dynamic IP

Hi all,

We recently purchased 5 of the Meraki Z1 devices to test for our home users.  The initial configuration has been a huge disapointment thus far, but we finally got a VPN up and running.  The only problem is, no matter how we try, it will only connect to the ASA 5510 (8.4.7) when the crypto config uses a static IP address.  Is there any way to make this work behind the typical home internet connection with a dyname IP?  Some users will actually take these on business trips and use them in hotels, so a static IP is just not gong to work.  I really wish Cisco and Meraki would get together and get the Meraki to work with the EasyVPN configuration used in the ASA 5505's, but something tells me that's a pipe dream.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Meraki Z1 Devices on standard home internet line with dynamic IP

I know this is a little late, but a couple thoughts-

You would much happier with the Z1 if you replaced or added an MX to your head end site. 

That said, maybe you could leverage to give static FQDN to use?

In the instructions here do you think you could replace IP with FQDN?

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Sorry to revive a really old

Sorry to revive a really old post but did you ever manage to find a solution to this?  We are also testing the Z1 with an ASA at the other end and the Z1 will be dynamic.  Works no problem if it's Static but like you that isn't going to be practical.  Trying to get a Meraki at the other end to eliminate the issue but that's taking some time!!

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Can be utilized

Can be utilized by installing their client on a pc on the teleworker side?  Using that fqdn for the VPN endpoint on the ASA side?  I'm about to embark down this road as well...

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The Dynamic IP address isn't

The Dynamic IP address isn't really the issue as the Meraki Z1 provides a hostname that is updated as the IP address changes so the use of or any other dynamic DNS service isn't required.  The problem I have is that I can't get the ASA to work with a hostname only with an IP address (I'm no ASA expert though was hoping to find one :-))  I've been able to use the Meraki hostname to establish VPN between the Z1 and a Sonicwall with very few problems!

I'm still pushing to have a Meraki at the head end to make use of the Auto VPN which works great between Meraki devices!

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