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Microsoft Office Communicator Web Access - via SSL Clientless Portal

Has anyone successfully defined a bookmark/resource to a MS OCS Server for Web based access to Instant messaging etc.. ? This is failing badly and I am doing the httpwatch captures but before I go down a rat hole want to know if anyone had any luck..

This is obviously not an issue for our AnyConnect users and I could define a Smart Tunnel if the users had the actual OCS Client but we want to move to the web based interface so that users connecting from their personal machines can utilize OCS via the SSL VPN portal.

The login screen renders correctly and I do have auto-signon configured so I expected it to just connect like most of all the other web resources do but no such luck..

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Re: Microsoft Office Communicator Web Access - via SSL Clientles

I have also been strugging with this and had a TAC case open for quite some time. Finally, they gave me an interim version ASAOS8.3.2.1 this week. I upgraded to this code, configured SmartTunnel for CWA and now it works like a charm.

As I said, its an interim version so you will need to get it from TAC. HTH.

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Re: Microsoft Office Communicator Web Access - via SSL Clientles

Thanks for  that information.   We were actually planning on putting those servers in the dmz and serve them up via an ISA proxy.   I spent too much time trying to get that work on the Portal.   I may just revisit this now and request that code.

Take care


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