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Multiple DMVPN behind NAT

I have 2 spokes that get NATed onto the same public IP address. The spokes both get their external IP from the same dhcp pool. Both spokes have separate configs and internal IP ranges and work fine on their own.

#1 works fine, but if #2 is turned on the connection is lost on #1 (vpn light stays on), once #1 recovers (20-40min) #2 loses connection and the game repeats.

I have no control over the dhcp ranges or the NAT router.

Any ideas on how to get this stable?




Re: Multiple DMVPN behind NAT

>>>I have 2 spokes that get NATed onto the same public IP address

I think you have to NAT them to different public IPs.

Community Member

Re: Multiple DMVPN behind NAT

Yeah, the way i figure the hub IDs the spokes based on IP. Is there a way around this behavior as I don't have access to the NAT router. I'm going to run into other events in the future where I'm going to be presented with similar provided NAT setups and based on event restrictions (network, space, location, etc) have to use multiple DMVPN routers.

Re: Multiple DMVPN behind NAT

Sorry, I don't think there is any workaround for this. As you know, it is based on IP. Therefore, you have to have a unique IP for each spoke.

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