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NAC HA problem

have followed the following procedure

1. Set name , dns ip, domain and verfiy the dns name resolution works fine. set the date sync with AD of the network of both the cas.

2. Do the failover configuration of Primary CAS and specifying the details of the Secondary CAS but didnot reboot at this point.

3. The trusted interface is connected only and we have not connected the untrusted interface at this point. Both are configured as trunks with different native vlan. Trusted interface contains management vlan also and is accessible.

4. we generated the certificates and export it to a file.

5 Reboot the Primary CAS.

6. The primary CAS is added into the CAM by the srevice IP Address. and is added properly.

7. Configure vlan mapping and then we connect the Untrusted interface cable. The primary cas added and i can navigate to its tabs from the CAM.

8. I did DNS, Host name , time setting the same way as i did for Primary CAS. and verified the above options.

9. Configure the failover but did not reboot it.

10. Import the certificates and keys.

11 Reboot it

12 After power up both are up and shows peer is dead.

Am i doing something wrong in the failover steps.?

The eth2 interface is added to the CAS machines in the ifcfg-eth2 file with IP, SM, Def GW and the rest.

eth0 and eth1 are added into linkdetect.conf file.

any other suggestion for troubleshooting.

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