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NAC In-Band Configuration

Now, I have one other issue. I can get an Out-Of-Band configuration working, but I can't get an In-Band configuration working.

My current setup is with a workstation connecting to a switch. The workstation is in vlan 3. The switch also connects to the public interface of the NAS which is also in vlan 3. The private interface of the NAS is using the same IP as the public interface. The private interface is in vlan 2. I have mapped vlan 3 to vlan 2 in the administration console. The NAM is in a different subnet from the NAS. There is a multilayer switch connecting the vlan with the NAS and the vlan with the NAM to a vlan with a firewall out of our building. I have configured the NAS as a virtual gateway. I have made sure that the role that I'm using allows me to pass any type of traffic.

If I am at the workstation pinging the NAS, my NAA window pops up and I have to log in. I can ping the NAS successfully. When I look at the administration console, I see that my user has authenticated. From the NAS I can ping the multilayer switch and my outside workstation. However, when I'm at the outside station, I can't get past the NAS into the private part of the network.

Like I say, it's working with Out-of-Band, it's just not working with In-Band, and I want to use In-Band, darnit! What the heck could I be missing?

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Re: NAC In-Band Configuration

OK, I just tried making the NAS a Real-IP Gateway. I gave it two different IPs. I enabled L3 Support. I logged in from my outside workstation. From that workstation, I can ping the public interface of the NAS and the private interface of the NAS, but I can't ping the interface on the multilayer switch connected to the private interface of the NAS. I can ping the interface of the switch from the NAS itself. I can ping my outside workstation from the NAS itself. If I go to the multilayer switch I can ping the private interface of the NAS, but not the public one. I checked on the administrator console, and I really am logged in. Does this cause any bells to go off in anyone's head?

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Re: NAC In-Band Configuration

I know this is an old post but I have a 4.1 install with the same problem. Does any one have a solution?


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