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Natting issue with ASA5510


I have a router whose serial interface 0/0 is connected to ISP with a valid public IP address.(

Then the fastethernet interface 0/0 is connected (IP address the outside interface 0/0 of the ASA5510 whose IP address is

Now the inside interface 0/1 is connected to the swith,whose IP address is which is the gateway for the PROXY server whose IP address,and there is a APP server whose IP address,and there is a WEBserver whose IP address is,the WEB server and APP server has to be NATTED with a public IP address for giving the outside access.

I have 16 valid public IP addresses.

Now I have done the NATTING of the APP and WEB server to and respectively in the firewall,the and is NATTED to and in the router,

Appropriate access lists is also configured to give access to APP and WEB servers from outside.

Will it work with teh above configuration?

Please help me.I have a small doubt whether the double NATTING will wor or not?

Please clarify.

Thanks and Regards,


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Re: Natting issue with ASA5510

Double NAT should be avoided if at all possible. My recommendation would be to perform the NAT on the Router and handle the access control with the ASA.

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