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Need HELP setting up RVS4000 Behind Comcast Business IP Gateway

Hello -

I am trying to setup a site to site VPN Connection between my business and my home office.

I have several problems

1) I don't understand networking beyond the basics - I know how to configure TCP/IP connections - but I couldn't tell you how they work

2) I have some extraneous devices that may complicate things

Business Network :

ISP:  Comcast Business  -

First point with ISP:  Comcast IP Gateway (looks to be a cable modem/Router combo) LAN IP:; DHCP Enabled

From here i hooked port 1 of the ethernet to port 1 of a CISCO RVS4000 Router with VPN LAN IP: DHCP Disabled

AERIS Cable modem (only for telephones - the Comcast IP Gateway is the front side of the internet)

We have serveral Apples running OS X 10.6 on the network, so we have time capsule (which is a router as well) hooked to one of the ethernet ports of the Cisco.  The IP Of the Time Capsule is (but receives IP through DHCP). The Apples use the Time Capsule for the wireless connection to the LAN.

Presently, the CISCO RVS4000 is in the DMZ behind the Comcast IP Gateway.  I did not setup any port forwarding. 

I also have Windows Foundation Server R2 with a domain controller hooked to the ethernet port of the CISCO...I don't know if this is relevent.  This device has a static IP address of

I do not have a static WAN IP address with Comcast yet...I am going to get one next week

HOME network

1 Dell Studio laptop running Windows Vista

1 Apple MacBook Pro running OS X 10.6

Comcast cable modem   - AERIS with telephony

CISCO WRVS4400N Wireless N  Security Router with VPN. The internet jack is runs to the AERIS Cable modem


Create a seamless VPN connection between my home office and business.   I have a wife, and she gets really irritable when she has to remember passwords etc, which is why I don't want to install a client on her computer..  I want it so that she can access resources at the home office from work and vis-a-vera.

How do I do this?   I've found a couple guides on the web, but they are more abstract than I like.  If anyone can guide me as too where the CISCO VPN router should be in relation to the Business IP Gateway (In a DMZ behind, or along side of the gateway).  To I have to use NAT or Port Forwarding?

I gave it a good try today, but the routers don't appear to see one another. 

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