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need WEBVPN help!!! port forwarding

I have a 3640 running c3640-ik9s-mz.124-7.bin. I've implamented SSH as the only excepted transport on my vty's and apply ACL (access-class) to all the devices. Here is my problem. I seemingly can't utilize IOS WEBVPN's port-forward feature. I'm able to authenticate and the cert works fine. Surfing sn't an issue but I can't SSH to the configured hosts. My ACL on the lines alow access to all the other inside devices. I just can't start up Putty and get anyware. The 3640 (WEBVPN box) dosen't really show anything in the logs. and the device I'm trying to connect to isn't either. Please help


Re: need WEBVPN help!!! port forwarding

On the concentrator side, you will need to configure a forwarding port under Configuration| Tunneling and Security | WebVPN | Port Forwarding| Now, as for further configuration on the concentrator, Port forwarding must be enabled under the configured group. DNS must also be configured globally. In addition, the JAVA Applet 1.4.1 or greater must be installed on the client workstation.

One last thing, use the server name i nstead of the IP address of the terminal server when configuring the terminal server client.

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