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newbie- Cisco VPN intermittently not connecting

Good Day,

I have a user who is having an issue occur from time to time. This began about 5 months ago.

He will one day be able to use the cisco vpn at his home and connect without issue one day, and then the next it will error out.

Talking on the phone with him he follows all the common vpn steps.

verifies net connection, then opens the vpn_connect app but before it gets to the authentication it loses connection and displayts an error saying that the connection was terminated by user. The following morning after changing nothing he was able to connect without issue.

Frankly I am a newbie when it comes to vpn and heavier network issues, and what gets me is that I can not pin point where the issue is. He is set up in AD correctly, he is able to use the same wifi conection and connect his ipad using the vpn app, without changing anything it will not work for a day and then begin to work the next. I had considered an issue with his modem/router and perhaps a setting within but that doesn't seem to fit either.

Aside from a user pulling my leg, any ideas?

New Member

newbie- Cisco VPN intermittently not connecting

A few small details.

His ipad will connect to the vpn using the same wireless connection as his laptop.

turning off wifi and connecting an ethernet cable to the modem proved to change nothing.

I sent him the company pcf file and had him replace it in the cicso application on his computer then reboot, to no avail.

The most recent bout of this issue occurred on thursday, he was unable to connect his laptop on vpn all day. Wednesday he had been on with no issue, and Friday morning he was able to connect.

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