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newbie vpn question

I'm a newbie to setting up devices for VPN, and need some direction. Currently on our network we have several remote locations that use Netopia dial-up routers to VPN into our Netscreen appliance at headquarters. We're trying to move away from that and start dialing into ISPs (mainly so the stores can function before the frame relay circuits go up), and then VPN into a new Symantec firewall. Basically, I've never had to set up a VPN tunnel on a cisco router, and was wondering if there are any good books and/or websites that touch on this particular configuration. How about some good ones on Cisco's site? (I am registered). Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.

Specifically, I need to learn how to set up a 1721 with a WIC-1AM modem card so that it can dial up and obtain a dynamic IP from an arbitrary ISP (this part I have tackled), and then, after that, it needs to create a VPN tunnel with our Symantec device. I'd like to know the ins and outs of setting up a Cisco router for this.



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Re: newbie vpn question

Use integrated free SDM GUI to configure you 17xx router. Homepage is:

If you bought router not a lot time ago it will be preinstalled. You only need to run it. After you use SDM to configure router look inside CLI.

Here is IPSEC sample configs:

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