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No Corporate VPN via HTC VIVID and AT&T W/Cisco VPN Client

I have a HTC VIVID with the AT&T $60 per month Enterprise Data Plan that includes HotSpot and "Corporate" access.

Sitting on my home wireless network (or any other wireless network), I can fire up my Cisco VPN client (ver and connect to my corporate VPN and pass traffic.

When I use my HTC (either tethered or HotSpot), I can get to the VPN login, enter my credentials, get the "successfully connected" symbol, but can not pass any traffic nor get to any corporate resources (file, print, email). When i look at the VPN statistics, it shows many bytes sent, but none received.

My many (many) calls to AT&T all end with "if you can tether (or hotspot) and get to the AT&T test web-site, then we have done all that we can do and you need to contact your corporate IT". My logic of "it works every where else, just not across the AT&T network when using my Android based HTC phone" escapes them and they fall back on "call your IT or call Cisco - problem is on their end"

I am a former BlackBerry Bold 9000 user --- when I had that device and the $60 Enterprise plan that went with it, I could tether and connect via VPN. Nothing has changed on my computer or with the corporate client or VPN system.

Does anyone have a similar setup? If so, is yours working? If so, please advise what you did to get it running. If not, please advise what have you done so far to troubleshoot and resolve.

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