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odd cisco anyconnect not working

I am running anyconnect 3.1.04063 on Win 7 Home Premium on intel core i-7 laptop.  At my hotel, when I start a session, the sesson startup is completed

when I check my IP address ( - IP test tool) I get an IP that looks like work.  Yet I cannot do anything at all with the work site.

If I go across the street to my conference center (dont turn off computer), everything will work fine.

where is the most likely problem?  can the hotel have a firewall that is preventing anyconnect from working?  what do i tell them?  they appear to have comcast internet.

I also tried one of their wired computers.  downloaded new client.  still didnt work correctly.


Re: odd cisco anyconnect not working


could you please provide screenshot for connection status (statistics details) in cases when it works fine / doesn't work?!

PS: do you have an option to enalbe anyconnect using TCP 443?

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Re: odd cisco anyconnect not working

What would you like to see on screen shot?

I could not tell if port 443 open/closed is the issue.  Right now, I am at the place where everything works for about 2 hours this morning and will be back this afternoon.  Shields up reports stealth on every common port except 80 here.  It reported stealth on every port at the hotel where Anyconnect said connected but traffic wouldnt work. 

Importantly, port 443 was stealth at hotel and stealth here.

odd cisco anyconnect not working


On the screenshots I'm expecting to find encapsulation details and encryptiom/descryption statistics.

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