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Per tunnel DMVPN QoS

I've read some of the examples for per-tunnel QoS on a DMVPN tunnel, but all the examples seem to be from the Hub point of view only.

I get that you define the NHRP group on the Hub and select it from the spoke with "ip nhrp group xxxx", but I assume from the examples that is just to control the download traffic from the hub --> spoke. For the return spoke-to-hub traffic, no example is given.

Is it just your everyday plain jane QoS applied to the tunnel interface on the spoke, like any other GRE tunnel? Is that it? I'm surprised in the examples (like the link above + others) that they forgo the return QoS traffic, especially since in a common asymmetric DSL implementation, it's the smaller upload bandwidth that usually kills quality of service. Or am I completely wrong and that hub defined policy is used for both directions? I didn't think it pushed a policy down the tunnel, but I suppose I should ask first. It wasn't clear.

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