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Per-Tunnel QoS on a DMVPN Tunnel Not Working.

Hello, I am trying to get per-Tunnel QoS working on one of my Hub tunnels, and believe to have the configurations correctly, but when I do "show ip nhrp group-map" I get NONE. I am running a MPLS-VPN network and this router has multiple DMVPN Tunnels with different VRFs. I am not running QoS on the other tunnels.

router#show ip nhrp group-map

Interface: Tunnel1

NHRP group: testgroup

  QoS policy: test-QoS

  Tunnels using the QoS policy: None


here is my config

interface Tunnel1

ip vrf forwarding test

ip address

no ip redirects

ip mtu 1376

ip nhrp authentication test

ip nhrp map multicast dynamic

ip nhrp map group testgroup service-policy output TEST-QoS

ip nhrp network-id #####

ip tcp adjust-mss 1200

load-interval 30

tunnel source Loopback1

tunnel mode gre multipoint

tunnel key #####

tunnel vrf test_internet

tunnel protection ipsec profile IPSECPROFILE shared


Router Version

(C7200-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M), Version 15.0(1)M3

I understand that I could do qos pre-classify in the tunnel and then do a service policy on the physical interface, but the question I have is why does it say " Tunnels using the QoS policy: None " when I configured a qos policy on the tunnel interface? Is this a bug?

Thank you for your help!

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Cisco Employee

Per-Tunnel QoS on a DMVPN Tunnel Not Working.


There could be multiple reasons for it not to function, the config on hub seems just fine, we'd need to inspect the spokes and check (most likely) in debugs if correct group is being sent from spoke.

Also coexistance of other service-policy etc etc.

The feature is quite simple (some level of simplification), spoke says he is in group X when registering, hub assigns this NHRP mapping a service-policy.


Community Member

Per-Tunnel QoS on a DMVPN Tunnel Not Working.

Thanks for the reply Mercin,

Yes, the spoke does have the correct group name and the Hub Tunnel does recongize the spoke and puts the spoke in the right group. There is no service-policy on the physical interface for the hub tunnel. I do have a service policy for the spoke on the physical interface.  There is only one spoke on that tunnel.

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