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PIX 501 Configuration

First off I know this thing is old obsolete and no longer supported and desperatly needs replaced. Unfortunatly it is also all that I have.

I came in to this IT dept after the network was already in place. We use a pair of 501s for site to site tunnel. We have never had any issues, and I have never had to make any changes other than the IP address of one when we went from persistant to static IP and again when we changed our access passwords for the first time in 6 years.

And that basically is the extent of my knowledge of the device and cisco network hardware in general (aside from home routers)

Previously our network map was simply location 1 with servers and workstations and location 2 with workstations

pix at locations 1 and 2 connect to eachother and location 2 could recieve email and access terminal services from the servers at location 1

Now we are teaming up with another company and they want to make our map 

pix at location 1 connects to location 3 and location 2 and  shares connection with location 3 with location 2 so everyone at both 1 and 2 can use terminal services provided by location 3.

Given the age and obsolesence of this device I am understandbly having a difficult time with both learning about it and finding resources for learning about it.

If there is any one who can help please tell me what information is needed from my end to allow this to be sorted out.

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