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pix 501 vpn gateway behind alcatel speedtouch modem


The speedtouch modem connected to the internet and the LAN side has with as LAN interface ip address. The pix firewall connected behind the speedtouch with pix outside ip is Pix inside is LAN network with

I need to confiure the vpn between PIX to remote PIX thro speedtouch. Could you provide the hints to do the steps.

Vpn pass through in speedtouch and public ip for the PIX outside interface ..etc.



Re: pix 501 vpn gateway behind alcatel speedtouch modem

first as long as speedtouch is modem and dose not have any kind of filtering u dont need to do anything with it

in ur pix u need to have a public ip address

and configure PAT and also u have to configure NAT exmption to exmpt VPN traffic from being NATed

also called NAT 0

if the modem have filtering nating u need to make the public ip on the modem and map it to ur pix

and allow esp and ud 500 for vpn tunnel

u didnt mention witch version is ur pix

6.x or 7.x!

this guid for pix vesion 6.3

this is for version 7 and later

good luck

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