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PIX 501 VPN Login

Hello all,

How can I configure a vpn to a pix 501 to prompt the user for a username and password?

I am not using a RADIUS or TACACS+ server to provide AAA.

I just simply want to create users on the PIX, set a password on the PIX and then have them enter that username/password in order to allow the clients the ability to VPN into the private network.

Any help would be great as I have not been able to find any clear documentation on how to do this. Thanks.

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Re: PIX 501 VPN Login

Somone could correct me but I think this is how you would do it...

Config t

username Password

vpngroup GROUPNAME authentication-server LOCAL

(as long as this command it in there: aaa-server LOCAL protocol local)

vpngroup GROUPNAME user-authentication

When they VPN in, it should try to authenticate them..

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Re: PIX 501 VPN Login

I will give this a try.

Do I also need to configure the group before or does the

vpngroup GROUPNAME user-authentication

command do that for me?

Thanks. I will rate.

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Re: PIX 501 VPN Login


This command is one of the commands while you are defining the VPN group. So this command itself will not create the group.

You will require PIX code >= 6.3 otherwise username password command will not work. In summary local user database did not exist before 6.3


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Re: PIX 501 VPN Login

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