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PIX to PIX and Group VPN

As I stated in my earlier post I have 3 remote offices (PIX 501's) connecting back to my main office where I am running a PIX 506 with IPSEC tunnels connecting the 4 offices.

I had an office lose thier 501 PIX to a roof leak and hence that office was down while I got a new one.

Can I run a group VPN setup for the Cisco VPN client on my 506 at my main office while also running the PIX to PIX configuration I already have in place?

I would like to be have a back up config in place in the event I lose a PIX again sometime in the future.




Re: PIX to PIX and Group VPN

I would like to help you on configuring pix for this purpose. Here is some configuration steps

Pix#config t

Pix(config)#ca generate rsa key 512

Pix(config)#ssh 0 0 outside

Pix(config)#aaa authentication ssh console LOCAL

Pix(config)#username cisco password cisco123

If you are using PDM you can go under tools and command line and enter the lines one by one. If you get an error saying that you already have key generated, just continue with the next line.

You can also go through the following documents for some information,

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