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Port Forwarding thru a VPN Tunnel


I have two sites setup with a  gateway to gateway VPN. Both gateways are RV042s. I have a resource on Site B ( a VoIP Phone Switch) that needs to be accessed thru Site A.

Question: Does the RV042s support port forwarding thru the VPN tunnel?

I have configured a port forward on Site A's router and the router's firewall log at Site A shows that connections are being accepted, but a packet capture at Site B in front of the switch does not contain a data stream.

To answer the obvious question, I can not control the path that data is being sent so I would not be able to redirect the data stream to Site B from the source.

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Port Forwarding thru a VPN Tunnel

After some extensive testing and speaking with Cisco Tech Support, we detemined that the RV042 does not support port forwarding thru a VPN tunnel.

I noted a problem with this that I noted to Tech Support.:

If you take a new RV042 and setup a VPN tunnel, then try and setup a port forward to the remote lan, it will give you an error message.

But if you go into the network section and setup the remote network as a subnet under the multiple subnet configuration then go to setup a port forward, it will allow the port forward(which does not work).

The problem comes if you back out the port forward and the subnet settings and then go back and re-setup the port forward, it will allow it without giving you an error.

This is the reason that I was asking the question in the first place. The router was allowing the configuration in port forwarding because someone had previously done the above.

In all cases, it does not work (the logs will show that the connections were accepted too)

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