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Private LAN to Private LAN through VPN Security

Hello all,

I am in need of setting up some users with a VPN client to connect to another network and I am wondering if and what the security risks are with us connecting from our LAN to their LAN with VPN. I am not so much concerned with the information being transfered as with the entry into our internal LAN from the other side of the VPN. Questions like ... If someone were to hack their network would they be able to hack ours as well since their is a VPN connection between the two. Can viruses be transmitted through? etc.

Answers and help are greatly appreciated.



Re: Private LAN to Private LAN through VPN Security

interconnecting two sites with a vpn is just as if they are physically linked together. there is a risk for viruses spreading, etc - your security is only as good as the people connecting to you


Re: Private LAN to Private LAN through VPN Security

The best way to mitigate against this would be to terminate the VPN at your end on the DMZ port of a firewall, just as you would with any other untrusted link.

You could then use Intrusion detection, virus scanning and audit logs to check the integrity of the received traffic. Also you can then apply rules to restrict which hosts the VPN users have access to.

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