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Problem with "AnyConnect was not able to establish connection to the specified secure gateway."

Hello everyone,

I have unexpected problem with Cisco AnnyConnect VPN Client. I had been using this application without any problem for several weeks. But yesterday it stopped work. An authorization works fine, but during an "activating adapter" it apears:

"AnyConnect was not able to establish connection to the specified secure gateway. Please try connecting again."

and then

"The VPN client driver has encountered an error."

I was trying many ways of solving which google has recommended me, e.g.:

- restarting a computer (several time)

- checking whether internet connection is fine

- chcecking firewall and antivirus

- disable internet connection sharing

- even this:

But nothing has helped me. The greatest secret for me is why VPN Client has stopped work suddenly even if I haven't made any changes in my computer.

Can anyone help me?

Here is my file:



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Problem with "AnyConnect was not able to establish connection to

Hi Petr,

I suspect the problem is IPv6 related, I see that the ASA is pushing both an IPv4 and an IPv6 address but when the virtual adapter (VA) is enabled, only the IPv4 address shows up (and so the client detects that the IPv6 address was not assigned to the VA and disconnects).

The eventlog in the DART is incomplete, it starts with the "CVirtualAdapter::EnableVA" log message so it might be useful to check what happend before that, i.e. if there is any error related to setting the address.

Did you install (or re-configure) any software or OS settings recently that may cause IPv6 not to work?

Or perhaps you had this software/settings already for a long time and the ASA admin only recently enabled IPv6?

If your machine is part of a domain, it's also possible that the domain admin has changed the domain policy causing IPv6 not to work... jus tthinking out loud now.

I hope this at least points you in the right direction



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