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Prompted on Initial VPN Connection

Migrating configuration from a Pix 515e to a 5512 and have an issue that I'm running into.  There a quite a few remote users who connect using the Cisco vpn client and all currently have their credentials saved locally so they aren't prompted when they connect.  Moved the user accounts (all local) over to the new 5512 and confirmed they all work.  I've set the "password-storage enable" option under the group-policy for each of the users, but upon first logon they're prompted for their credentials (it wipes the information from the pcf) and then after they login it resaves it.  It saves it fine and on subsequent logons they aren't prompted and work as expected, but would like to try to avoid the initial issue and make the cutover as transparent to them as possible.  Is there another setting that needs to be set or will the credentials always be wiped on first logon.  From my testing, with 2 different ASA's running 2 different revisions of firmware, the credentials always get wiped on first logon, but I'm being told that when we first tested it the person wasn't prompted but was prompted on the next connection at which point he was able to save.

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