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QoS on Tunnel and Physical

Hi all,

Need some clarification on an issue.

I have a subinterface on a router with an outbound QoS policy applied to it.

It is simply LLQ for VoIP and Bandwidth reserve (64k) for routing traffic.

It's a nested policy to a shaped policy of 6Mbps.

On a GRE tunnel I have a seperate outbound policy which does pretty much the same

thing, but there are a few more APP classes, bulk etc..

The first policy (sub-int) applies to a specific src/dst and BGP traffic only, and all other traffic goes via the tunnel anyways

My query is in relation to the design/placement of the policy-maps. Should i apply two service policies in this case?

With LLQ implemented on both the sub-int and the tunnel, is there any potential for conflict here? Both policies are nested

and the default is to shape before classification, again is there any potential issues with this?

Appreciate any input.



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Cisco Employee

Re: QoS on Tunnel and Physical

Hi Stephen

if you still need help with this, since this is not really a security/vpn related question may I suggest you move this thread to one of the routing&switching forums (either LAN or WAN I suppose), I suspect you may find people with more relevant expertise there.

hope this helps


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