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Question about NAT, IPSEC VPN

Hello friends,

I work for a small startup company as a network administrator. I have a a question regarding NAT, VPN.

Currently we have three clients pointing 3 of our VPN boxes. We want to move everything to one box and hence i have been given the task to map the IP of this one box to the corresponding IP for the corresponding tunnel.

For example say the current boxes are A,B,C - for TU1, TU2 and TU3 respectively, the new box is say X.

Now the IP(X) should point to IP(A) for TU1, to IP( B ) for TU2 to IP ( C ) for TU3.

the reason for this is the client has already configured VPN to our source addresses and does not want to change everything, however we are moving to one box.

Please suggest the solution to this as I am the only cisco guy in the company and My manager is pressing upon me.

PLATFORM - Cisco 1811

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Re: Question about NAT, IPSEC VPN

IP(A), IP(B) and IP(C) are Public IP's right?

and IP(X) is a new fourth Public IP?

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Re: Question about NAT, IPSEC VPN

All private IP's.

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