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Question on SBL(Start Before Logon)

If SBL is enabled, does that prevent the user from being able to logon to the PC altogether?   If this is a personal laptop for example and the person wants to use it to connect to the company, and the company installs Anyconnect with SBL and gets it all working, is the end user now locked out of hte laptop unless he logs into the VPN?


Re: Question on SBL(Start Before Logon)

If the deployment has configured the SBL .xml that does not allow the user to interact and forces them to connect via the VPN first, then yes the user is logged out of the laptop for that portion of the login process.  After VPN login - normal login can proceed, since it would be a personal laptop is a pretty fair bet the machine is not connected to the company domain - so the local user should be still able to login - but you will be connected to the VPN.

Saying that - there are alot of options that I have not really read into to deep detail, so it all depends on the deployment.  A fair thing to say is - do not use a personal laptop to connect to a company VPN, as in most cases this can be a HR issue, unless you have written permission.


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