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Question on VPN3K and Bandwidth Management

Hi folks,

I have a question on bandwidth reservation on the 3K box. I have a L2L tunnel from the 3k to a remote site.

two subnets traverse this tunnel, one subnet is for data and the other is for voice traffic. (QoS parameters for voice are done on the router).

The L2L configuration specifies both subnets in the network-list. However, I don't see a granular method to allocate exclusive bandwidth to the voice traffic since bandwidth reservation/aggregation policies apply to the L2L tunnel as a whole and not to a specific traffic flow in the network-list, such as the voice subnet.

Has anyone configured this type of scenario?

I appreciate any feedback or suggestions on this.



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Re: Question on VPN3K and Bandwidth Management

Configuring Bandwidth Management:

To configure bandwidth management, follow these steps:

1. Using this section of the Manager: define one or more bandwidth management policies.

2. On the Configuration | Interfaces | Ethernet 2 screen, Bandwidth Parameters tab:

a. Enable bandwidth management on the public (or any other) interface.

b. Specify the link rate.

c. Assign a bandwidth policy to the interface to assign a default policy for all users on that interface. If you are further planning to assign a bandwidth reservation policy to a specific group, this default policy must include bandwidth reservation.

3. If you also want to manage bandwidth for a specific group, use the Configuration | User Management | Groups | Bandwidth Policy screen to apply a bandwidth policy to that group.

4. To manage bandwidth for a specific LAN-to-LAN connection, use the Bandwidth Policy parameters on the Configuration | System | Tunneling Protocols | IPSec LAN-to-LAN screen to apply a bandwidth policy to that connection.

Note the following dependencies when assigning bandwidth management policies to an interface and a group combined:

? If you apply only a policing policy (i.e. no reservation policy) to an interface, you cannot subsequently assign bandwidth reservation policies to groups using that interface.

To apply a bandwidth reservation policy to a group, you must first apply a bandwidth reservation policy to the interface.

If you apply a reservation policy to an interface, all other policies applied to groups on that interface also include bandwidth reservation.

Refer this link:

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Re: Question on VPN3K and Bandwidth Management

I appreciate the response. However, my question was not on how to configure Bandwidth Management, it is already configured. The issue is that I have a voice and a data subnet (specified in the network list) for a L2L config. Within the configuration of that particular L2L tunnel it is not possible that voice traffic is to get more bandwidth as opposed to the data traffic. It seems that bandwidth reservation only applies to the tunnel itself not to the specific traffic within the tunnel.



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