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RA VPN with Microsoft certificate

Hi All,

I'm trying to configure RA VPN authentication using digital certificate instead of pre-shared key. I followed the below Cisco document (url), but at last I;m not clear how the vpn client get its identity certificate when vpn client application re-lauched (re-open) after installing same certificate in the CA server itself.

(step 3, part f.”Exit the VPN client and re-launch it in order to make the installed identity certificate start to appear in the certificate tab of the VPN client, as shown)

I'm not convience how the locally installed client certificate on CA server comes to VPN client software and show its Certification Authentication drop down box. CA server is not part of the domain, but there's no pre-requesties that CA serve must be in the domain..?

Since that is not possible, I mannually installed both CA certificate and client certificate on the VPN clients but it does not appearing in the Certification Authentication drop down box. (step 4. In the Connection entries tab....)

Can some one please guide me or point me to a correct document...?


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