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RDP over WebVPN on 3005 Concentrator

I have searched for documentation on how to do this, but thus far haven't found anything that has worked for me. We have the WebVPN working fine, but I haven't found any documentation on how to enable an RDP session over this connection. Does anyone have any documentation pertaining to this procedure?

Thanks in advance,


Re: RDP over WebVPN on 3005 Concentrator


You would need something similar provided like on the ASA firewall platforms called Terminal Service java client plugin or RDP plugin installed in the security applience as part of the clientless ssl vpn, but as far as I know up to today there is no rdp plug-ins for concentrators for SSL vpn , in fact I have checked vpn 3000 codes including ssl clients sections and code release notes etc.. but could not find anything related to providing this feature on VPN concentrators SSL web vpn, you may shoot an email to Cisco TAC.

If in fact there is one I would love to hear about it as well, however, if this feature is a no for vpn concentrators there could be perhaps a workaround it such as integrating a web-based Citrix sort of like a portal and integrate that citrix web-base link into the ssl vpn session, from citrix you can literaly rdp session to local systems. This is just something that came to mind whether is feasable or not is a matter to test it,I have not done it in this particular view but if I have some time and a friend to spare a citrix license I would love to test it with vpn 3000 and clientless ssl web vpn.



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