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Redirect l2tp through IOS router to ASA (dynamic IP clients...)

I have a 877 ADSL that goes from WAN > DMZ > ASA > LAN. Essentially the LAN side of the 877 is a subnet, and on that subnet is the WAN side of the ASA5505 (that has a LAN).

I had set up a dynamic L2TP that I tested going from another router on the to the ASA. Problem is when I am outside trying to connect through the 877, i.e. actually out on the internet, I can not connect. I am unfamiliar with IOS routers in this regard. I looked for a solution and found documents on vpdn redirect. However they were brief and not fully explain whether this is a solution. If I do vpdn redirect source, this would not work for dynamic l2tp would it?

On the 877 I created static nat:

ip nat inside source static esp interface Dialer0

ip nat inside source static udp 500 interface Dialer0 500

ip nat inside source static udp 4500 interface Dialer0 4500

Now prior to this I was able to PPTP in. I had static NAT for PPTP to another device (Linux PPTP server) that was on the subnet (877 inside). So I am wondering if A. I do not have l2tp dynamic configured properly on the ASA, B. I do not have l2tp redirect properly configured on the 877, C. If I just am not able to do this with l2tp and should go back to using PPTP.

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