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Redundency with IPSec Tunnels

I need some assistance in proper;y setting up a failover tunnel on spoke connections. We have ASA's located at two separate data centers. I would like for a router @ a remote location to fail over to a separate ASA, giving the initial tunnel goes down.

I am thinking that I should utilize one of these two ways:

crypto map tohub 1 ipsec-isakmp

set peer default

set peer

set security-association idletime 120 default



crypto map tohub 10 ipsec-isakmp

set peer

crypto map tohub 20 ipsec-isakmp

set peer


Is it possible and would I need to setup two RSA keys on the remote routers.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Redundency with IPSec Tunnels

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Re: Redundency with IPSec Tunnels


While both configs would be possible I believe that the first one is closer to providing the functionality that you describe of failing over to the other peer if the first one fails. The first alternative has a single tunnel and is a bit more simple. In the second approach you are configuring 2 tunnels. And they both will be active all the time.

I have done a project for a customer where we did something similar. In that case we chose to configure 2 tunnels. We also configured the IPSec VPN to run with GRE. We run a dynamic routing protocol over the GRE tunnel and the choice of which tunnel to send traffic over and the automatic detection of loss of a peer and failover to the other peer is handled by the routing protocol. This works fine but it does introduce some complexities not present in the single tunnel approach.



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Re: Redundency with IPSec Tunnels

Its not RSA keys that you define, its preshared key.

you can define 2 peers in just 1 statements, if peer 1 cannot be contacted then it will try and negotiate phase 1 with peer 2 , you can define upto 5 peers (i believe)

depending on how your routing is setup you might also need to add a floating static for the peer 2.

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Re: Redundency with IPSec Tunnels

Thanks for all the replies.

I was talking to a guy from Cisco and he told me that the first one is the best, but i need to make sure that each ASA has the same root certificate.

Does anyone have any insight on this.

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