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Regressing/backout VPN Concentrator Upgrade


Im about to take on the long overdue task of upgrading the software on our VPN Concentrators.

I think im ok with the upgrade procedure but its the regression/backout thats has me concerned.

If there are issue after i upgrade how do i back it out back to the previous software version ?

From the release notes for 4.7.2 i see the following procedure defined

If you need to return to a release prior to Release 4.7.2, do the following:

Step 1

Reload the firmware for the desired release. (Do not reboot yet.)

Step 2

Make a copy of the existing configuration file and give the copy a new name (for

example, rename it as CON471BK.TXT).

Step 3

Delete “CONFIG.”

Step 4

Copy the previously saved backup file (for example, CON710BK.TXT) to

CONFIG. Do not click Save (otherwise, your original CONFIG file will be

overwritten with the running configuration).

Step 5

Perform a software reset.

Your prior firmware and image are restored.

My problem is i dont have a copy of the existing software, its so old it doesnt seem to be on the software download page, and i dont know how to get it off the concentrator before i perform the upgrade.

Could anyone advise ? And/or if there is another way to regress



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Re: Regressing/backout VPN Concentrator Upgrade

Hi Stu,

Unfortunately you can't download the vpn concentrator image from the concentrator itself.

If you have an older version of software, I would recommend that you open a TAC case and get the engineer to publish you the version that you are currently running.

Please also be advised that vpn concentrator is EOL.

EOL notice for VPN Concentrator software 4.7:

EOL notice for the actual VPN Concentrator:

Hope that helps.

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Re: Regressing/backout VPN Concentrator Upgrade


Thanks for the reply, i did try opening a TAC case to see if i could do this but ran into problems, could be my account isnt setup right.

Thanks for the tip on the EOL, the upgrade is a stop gap whilst decisions are made about funding ASA replacements.

I'll try again with the TAC case.

Thanks for your help.


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