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New Member

remote access vpn on a router

Hi all, can anyone tell me what the remote access vpn is called that terminates on an office router, is it easy vpn? its the one where you can have net extension mode etc.

hope you can help




Re: remote access vpn on a router

Hey Carl, yes, it is called EZVPN, with this you have several modes, there is one where it is an ezvpn server to accept Cisco VPN Clients. And there is the EZVPN Client, which can be Client mode, network extension mode and network extension mode plus (all of these are for clients that are other cisco routers firewalls)

New Member

Re: remote access vpn on a router

hi there

can you also connect a normal vpn client to the vpn server? and what can you use as the server ? router and asa? or just asa?

also can you please be so kind and explain the modes?



Re: remote access vpn on a router

Hi Carl,

Yes, when you configure your Server as EZVPN Server (Rouer, ASA and Concentrators) you can define it to allow Software clients and Router clients.


Client Mode: emulates the VPN Client software by natting the whole internal network to a single ip address which is the one that the server gives to the Client, This is a configuration parameter on the Server.

Network Extension Mode: The client is connected as a part of the Corporate network, which means that the local network behind the client shows itself with the real ip addresses that that network has when connecting to the corporate network (behind the server)

Network Extension Mode Plus: Same as above but with some other features which I don't have on top of my head.

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