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Remote Access VPNs


I am newbie in the remote access VPNs  configurations and I encountered such an interesting scenario.

I have an ISR that's terminating remote access VPNs. My customer wants to add another internet connection from another ISP for load balancing and failover.

1. load balancing will utilize PBR. Correct?

2. Can remote users be load balanced over the two ISP links? As in some remote users use this link and others use the other? and if one fails, they all connect to the up one?

Another scenario is that I have a WAN router connected to the LAN and another ADSL router connected to the LAN. Now we need to add remote access VPN functionality which is not supported on the ADSL router. So, my thought are that we'll terminate the VPN on the WAN router and in this case the ADSL router will be a modem (L2) so all internet traffic will pass from it to the LAN to the MPLS router. Correct?

I need configuration commands for this if possible.

Thanks in advance.

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