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Remote site vpn access to host internet

To all,

I have a site to site vpn that works fine between Cisco 871 and 2801, however I need all traffic originating from the remote site destined to the internet to go through the host sites Internet access.  I've worked the the ACLs and have got it working partially.  The traffic goes the way I want it but some web sites work while others will not.  Any ideas?

Thank you,


Re: Remote site vpn access to host internet

As long as IP connectivity is stable through the hub PAT router and DNS is working correctly, you will probably want to look into MTU/MSS. On the physical or logical VLAN interface facing the clients, add the "ip tcp adjust-mss 1360" command and then test again.

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Re: Remote site vpn access to host internet

Thanks Todd for your reply.  I'm still having the problem but I'll keep digging.

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