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Remote VPN and NAC/NAP


Does anybody know is there an opportunity to implement Microsoft NAP with VPN client terminating on ASA? I.e I want to permit access to network after MS posture validation. Is it real or I should use only CISCO proprietary NAC solution?

Regards, Amir


Re: Remote VPN and NAC/NAP

Nearly every network has some form of AAA, but is usually only for VPN or wireless access. NAC changes this, requiring authorization upon network ingress for every host and subjecting the hosts to ongoing posture revalidation. The increased use of the AAA infrastructure has two implications: the AAA servers and their delegates must be scaled for the increased demand and made highly available as a critical network service. Failure to increase both the scalability and availability of the AAA infrastructure could prevent legitimate users and healthy hosts from being productive.

The Cisco NAC and Microsoft NAP solution architecture was designed for central management of an extensible security policy to enforce network access across a very large and heterogeneous network edge. Nevertheless, an understanding of the primary performance factors and anticipated bottlenecks within the architecture is critical for success, to help you determine which components are the most crucial, calculate how many of these components you need, and identify where to focus your performance tuning efforts.

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