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Removing Split Tunnel Config 1811 router

I am removing the Split tunnel configuration on an 1811 router connected over a PPPOE connection. The tunnel is working but I am getting timeouts every 10 packets or so and there is severe latency. I am wondering if the dialer pool statements were tied to the NAT configuration that I removed? Below is the NAT statements I removed. The outside IP addresses are blocked out. I have also attached the configuration after making the changes.

ip nat pool POOL prefix-length 20

ip nat inside source route-map nonat pool POOL overload.


Re: Removing Split Tunnel Config 1811 router

split-tunnel remote access connections can now be terminated on the outside interface for the security appliance, allowing Internet-destined traffic from remote access user VPN tunnels to leave on the same interface as it arrived (after firewall rules have been applied.

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Re: Removing Split Tunnel Config 1811 router

Thanks for the reply. I was actually removing the split tunnel configuration. I ended up having to remove the 1811 router and put a Pix 501 in instead. It is working with the Pix 501. I had an existing site using a Pix 501 over a PPPOE connection. I did not have a template or existing configuration for a PPPOE connection using a router. I am assuming it did not work due to some of the dialer statements were tied to the NAT statements that I removed. Thanks.

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