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Restricting VPN clients by operating system

VPN 3000 concentrator with Cisco VPN 4.x clients. I would like to have different VPN profiles for different operating systems to do some selective enforcement. E.g., I would like to have one profile for Win 2K/XP and another for Mac OS/Linux, etc. The key is that I want the concentrator to not allow someone with a Windows OS to use the non-Windows VPN profile. Is this possible? I've been looking at the Client Type/Version restrictions in the VPN group setup, but it is not obvious whether this can match on client operating system or not. The help for this section only mentions client type, e.g., 3002, and version number. Is there a way to accomplish what I'm trying to do? Thanks.


Re: Restricting VPN clients by operating system

If you add IPSEC VPN services, then VPN Client Blocking by Operating System and Type has the ability to add the ability to restrict the different types of VPN clients (software client, router, VPN 3002, or Cisco PIX, for example) that are allowed to connect based on the type of client, operating system installed, and version of VPN client software.

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