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Route Traffic over VPN Tunnel, like in GRE.

Hi Guy's, I have a question.

I'm station overseas and it's really hard to access certain websites and servie like Netflix or ESPN. What I had created was GRE tunnel from my Home "A" to my current location "B" and route my traffic from point A to B using 2 cisco 1700 routers ( and It was working great) but now I can't use GRE nomore. I still have PIX and ASA on both sides and I was trying to do that over VPN tunnel but I can't ping VPN tunnel gateway( basicly what was next hoop in GRE) on the other end ( which is the main problem why I can't route traffic to remote site). I was wondering if I can still do the same thing over VPN tunnel that I did with GRE tunnel. Please let me know cause I'm out of ideas.

Please let me know if that is possible.

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Route Traffic over VPN Tunnel, like in GRE.

Yes it is possible with just site-to-site ipsec tunnel between PIX and ASA.

Crypto ACL at Home A just have to say from local subnet to any

Crypto ACL at location B just have to say from any to remote subnet at Home A.

At location B, you would need to configure NAT on the outside interface for Home A subnet, and also configure "same-security-traffic permit intra-interface" so u-turn can be done for internet traffic from Home A.

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