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Router-to-Router VPN

I have a 3845 and a 2821 router. I want to configure a router-to-router VPN as a backup to the WAN connect. If the WAN goes down the VPN on the 2821 will kick in and establish a connection to the 3845. I am using EIGRP and BGP on the network. Routing should update and traffic will pass on the new VPN tunnel. Does anyone know of any good config documents on this?


Re: Router-to-Router VPN

Check your EIGRP AD and make sure it's higher than the WAN link so the WAN link is used until it goes down. If you need to, increase the delay on the VPN link to influence it.

Hope that helps.

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Re: Router-to-Router VPN

Hi HMidkiff,

From your description it is not clear from where to where you existing WAN / VPN is and which protocol you are using.

Really appreciate if you can wirte down the setup in step by step.

Redundancy to WAN by VPN over internet is a standard solution.

In nutshell you can use static routes with different administrative distance applied to them.

You can use track - rtr to change dynamically routing table.

You can configure GRE-IPSSEC tunnels and run EIGRP that will take care of redundancy. ( adjust the cost parameters of the links properly ).

One of the above mentioned solution will, in my opinion can resolve your problem.

Please let me know how do you resolve the problem.

Hope this helps.

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