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RV082 Firmware and Win 7 VPN connections

I'm working on creating some VPN connections for a few employees. I would like to get either the Cisco VPN client to work or just to be able to connect with the Win 7 VPN connection. These are dynamic client IPs btw.

I've made all the necessary accounts through the Web Management console but haven't had much luck so far. I did enable PPTP server and disabled "Block WAN Request" today to try again while remote later.

I think this is the v1 model. It has A00 on the back and I know of no other way to tell which version it is.

My other concerns is that the firmware is 1.3.98-tm and would like to update this to v2.0.2.01 . We have 2 remote VPN static IP users with existing connections that seem to be working fine (the admin that configed these is no longer here). I'm afraid to update the firmware in the event that this would cause some problem for them to reconnect. This article at the link below stated that a previous firmware ruined his connection and wouldn't allow him to revert back to the previous firmware.

Is this true for all firmware upgrades for the RV082? Can you not restore to the previous firmware? If not, might it cause any configuration or reconnect problems for the existing VPN Tunnels if it works without other issues?

Also, is the Cisco VPN client capable of connecting from WIndows 7 Home Premium? I know it installs fine but haven't had a succesful connection yet.

Thanks for any input.

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RV082 Firmware and Win 7 VPN connections

BTW This started working finally. Not sure what the cause was. Still horrified of updating the firmware due to the problems others have had. We were considering getting the ProtectLink Web service but I see that it will require a firmware upgrade so I might go with McAfee.

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