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Single VPN to multiple subnet ranges

Hi All,

i need some help on configuring my VPN into a corporate network (IPSEC)

i currenlty have an 1841 with FW 12.4 (advanced ip and K9) pack installed , i dont have this in place yet as i wanted to try configure it before putting it in outside production hours..

i know this is an old router but should do the job, my current Netgear and Draytek wont cut it


we have to office locations within this network *.*.88.0 & *.*.98.0 and i need to create a single IPSEC VPN to connect up both, i can configure the VPN Connection details and also the .88.0 connection but not sure where to put in the .98.0 a secondary subnet

they also want our traffic to come from a NAT address they have provided 10.*.*.57

i manged to reset/configure the router usig the CLI and have then used the CCP software to configure up my NAT rules etc..but i can't see anywhere to apply or configure the settings needed

Not been on a Cisco box in a few years so any help would be great



Ps. i have looked at upgrading the Firware to the latest would this be easier ??


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I don't personnaly use CPP so

I don't personnaly use CPP so I can't comment on that, however you can post your configuration and we can help fill in the gaps.

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Hi,attached is the running


attached is the running config file , it may well be that i need to start from scratch and reconfigure the router again , i dont mind as its not yet in pace , so it wont be a hassle 

i have tried to configure as wmuch as possible, but as i say it could all be wrong

i did try to connect it in this morning but the WAN FA0/0 side of things wouldnt connect, No lights at all so im presuming it could be a mismatch with the duplex settings..

thanks agian


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Just a quick update , i have

Just a quick update , i have managed to get the compnay to purchase a new 1941 router with the w/sec pack , so will be starting from scratch with this now , so hopefully be a bit easier and more upto date/supported hardware


will still need some help with the pre-NAt on the VPN and stuff i think...

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can anyone assist me with the

can anyone assist me with the PRE-NAT for the VPN connection , i now have the 1941 configured, tested this morning and everything seems to be ok , VPN to our other office is up and running , but the VPN that needs to be NAT is not ?



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