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Site-2-Site tunnel goes stale.


I have a Main corp location with IPsec tunnels out to a few small office. The site to site tunnel between main location and remote site generally do not have issues. The issues is the IPsec connections between the each remote sites. The tunnel after no traffic has passed for a while drops. Soon as I ping across the tunnels it comes quickly but the problem is we have about 2 or 3 phones at each site. The PBX hands the calls off to the individual phones but since it has been a while since the traffic has went across the tunnel the phones drops the call.

I need a way to keep the tunnels up all the time.

**Action Taken**

I tried increasing Ike key renewal times.

Change tunnel time out to unlimited.

I read where someone was trying to use SLA to send traffic across the tunnel to keep connectivity active.

**Is this possible on ASA5505**?

I just need a way to keep the tunnels up at each remote site.

Topology and vpn configuration attached.

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