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site-to-site dynamic, static and vpn client

I am having problems getting sites with static addresses, sites with dynamic addresses and vpnclient to work together on a Ciso1841. I tried the keyring command and profiles but this wouldn't work. I removed the vpnclient config to establish the dynamic and static sites tunnel. Anything I am over looking?


Re: site-to-site dynamic, static and vpn client


I feel you have the mixed combination of both static as well as dynamic addressed remote sites also VPN clients and you want to bring them all in the VPN cloud being used/formed in ur central site.

Can you revert whether have you tried establishing the static ipsec in the first line and tried getting that thru ?

i would suggest to go on step by step like establish the static connections first and then check out for dynamic ipsec clients both ur VPN clients and dynamically addresses clients..

if required do post ur configs with public ips masked and also the links which you referred before configuring this up..


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Re: site-to-site dynamic, static and vpn client

Unfortunately I did not keep the configuration. Any two combinations out of the three will work. The keyring worked with the vpn client and the dynamic, but as so as you add the third the dynamic goes down. No matter who is established first, when the third is added one of the connection will drop.The problem is with the preshare key. I tried putting the static keys as defaults but the same problem occurs. I place all in separate profiles and the same problem. Is there anyone with multiple dynamic sites, multiple static sites and Vpn client up and running on an integrated router? I have no problem at all with this configuration on the PIX.

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