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Site to Site VPN - Send all traffic through tunnel

Greetings -

i have configured a Site-to-Site VPN between a remote site and our Data Center.   The Site-to-Site is working great but I now need to force all traffic from the remote site accross the tunnel.  

The reason I need to do this is for webfiltering the remote site traffic through the webfilter at our Data Center.

I am looking for an easy solution to this problem as I am not very good with all the ins and outs of networking.  

Thank you! 


Site to Site VPN - Send all traffic through tunnel


This isn't too difficult.  You would need to setup the tunnel and NAT correctly on both sides.  Can you tell us what version of code you are running on your ASAs at both the datacenter side and the remote side?

New Member

Thanks for the reply.    So

Thanks for the reply.    So far its proven to be most difficult for me.  :)

My remote site is actually a Cisco 2811 running 12.4(13r)T,   The ASA at my Data Center is a 5520 running 8.4(5) currently. 


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